10 Interesting Facts About Green Tea You Probably Didn’t Know

Although it’s been around for many years, green tea has just recently gotten a big boost in popularity and majority of that comes from matcha green tea being introduced into the mainstream tea scene.

While many of us already know the health benefits that green tea can offer, there are some little known details about this drink that definitely make for interesting fun facts. Here’s ten of them.


  1. Green Tea Was First Discovered in China

what are the benefits of green teaGreen tea is the second most popular drink in the world, but it was first discovered over 4000 years ago in China where a scholar is said to have discovered the refreshing drink when a leaf from a tea plant fell into a pot of water he was boiling. The scholar tasted the drink and liked it, so he decided to refine the process.

He then taught the process to other people, and later on, Buddhist monks who have learned how to make tea introduced the practice to Japan which now produces some of the highest quality of teas that are distributed all over the world.


  1. The Best Time to Drink Green Tea is…

green teaMany people wonder when the best time really is to drink green tea. While there is no strict rule as to when one should drink green tea, it is recommended that you consume green tea in between meals rather than with them.

This is because tea contains tannins that might affect the body’s ability to absorb and process iron as well as other minerals and nutrients including folic acid.


  1. There Are Over a Thousand Varieties of Green Tea

lose leaf green teaGreen tea presents hundreds of health and beauty benefits, but to get the most out of these you have to have the right kind of green tea.

There are over a thousand varieties of green tea in the world. They differ in the way they are produced as well. Some tea varieties are grown under full sunlight while some are grown in the shade.

Some teas are flavored and scented while others are mixed with flowers when brewed.

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  1. You Can Overcook Tea

how to make green teaYes, it is possible and it’s not very hard to do so. High quality teas are best steeped multiple times for short periods of time.

Brewing high quality tea for longer periods of time may result in overcooking the leaves, leaving a slightly less pleasant taste in your cup.

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Usually, cheaper green teas are steeped for longer time and using hotter water, while more expensive teas like gyokuro green tea are steeped with cooler water and for a shorter time. Gyokuro can also be steeped several times for short duration.


  1. All Teas Are Made From The Same Plant

All teas, be it green, black, oolong, white, or otherwise, are made from the Camellia Sinensis plant.

The difference between these teas are based on how they are produced.


  1. What Makes Green Tea Unique

What makes tea unique is the presence of an amino acid called theanine of L-theanine. This substance is responsible for the efficient, slow and even distribution of caffeine from tea to your body. This is why tea can keep you awake without making you feel jittery like coffee or other caffeine-loaded drinks do.

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  1. Ways to Enjoy Green Tea Benefits Without Its Taste

Despite the many benefits that it presents, some people still steer clear of green tea because of the taste. While some find green tea to be refreshing and delicious, others think that it’s an acquired taste and some people just don’t get it.

Thgreen tea skin caree good news, however, is that you can still enjoy the same benefits of green tea without the taste by using green tea extract and mixing it with your drink. Most green tea extracts are flavorless and can be added to almost anything, from water to coffee, soda, and even juice.

There are also skin care products that contain green tea as an active ingredient to give you the skin benefits of drinking green tea without actually doing so.

You can DIY your own green tea skin care products as well! There are millions of recipes on the internet.


  1. Household Hacks With Green Tea

Green tea does more than just keeping your body healthy; it can make your house a lot cleaner, too! Green tea is known for its astringent properties and that is what makes it a great cleaning agent for the home.

Green tea can be used to get rid of greasy stains on delicate areas like wooden floors and marble counters. It can also be used to remove grime from bathroom tiles and your toilet bowl. Not only does it leave your home sparkling clean, it gives it a nice, soft, and subtle green tea scent too.


  1. The Best And Most Expensive Green Tea

types of green teaDa Hong Bao, a Chinese Oolong tea variation, holds the record for being the most expensive tea in the world. The stuff has been known to sell for up to US $35,436 per ounce.

In green tea talk, the most expensive green tea is the King of Green Masa Super Premium tea. A 750ml bottle of this green tea can set you back US $3,000, but the quality you get is beyond outstanding, of course.


  1. Green Tea Validity

green tea good forGreen tea absorbs moisture so it is important to store it in a sealed container.

Lose leaf green tea remains good for about two years if you keep it away from moisture and light. Green tea in tea bags are good for about half a year and then they start loosing their taste and flavor.