Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?

greent tea & caffeine
Many people who are looking to cut their caffeine intake usually think of turning to tea, and while that might help lower the amount of caffeine you put into your body, it’s not going to totally eliminate it.

So is Green Tea Caffeine Free?..

… Green tea, while definitely HEALTHIER THAN COFFEE and most other drinks, certainly contains caffeine but in LOWER doses.


How Much Caffeine is in Green Tea?

Depending on how your green tea is grown and how long it has been steeped, a cup of green tea can have as little as 26 mg to as much as 75 mg of caffeine in an eight-ounce serving.

Teas that are grown in the shade also have higher caffeine content than those grown under full sunlight. Green tea caffeine content is higher in powdered teas like Matcha since you consume the whole leaf and not just an infusion of it.


Green Tea vs. Coffee and Black Tea

When it comes to caffeine sources, coffee, green tea, and black tea are among the top choices. People often turn to these three beverages for a mid morning pick-me-up or an instant buzz anytime during the day.

In an eight-ounce serving, the caffeine in green tea can range from 26 to 75 mg. In black tea, the caffeine content is even higher at 60 to 90 mg and highest at 100 to 320 mg in coffee.

These drastic differences in caffeine content could produce different effects on your body and even your brain. Some substances and compounds found in tea, both green and black along with other tea variations, could also affect the way caffeine works in your system.


Green tea caffeine content comparing to coffee and black tea

Caffeine per 1 fluid ounce Caffeine Per 8 oz Cup Per 200 ml Cup
Coffee 18-25 mg 150-200 mg 128-170mg
Coffee cappuccino 12 mg 103 mg 87mg
Coffee espresso 40 mg 320 mg 270 mg
Black Tea 7-12 mg 60-90 mg 50-77 mg
Green Tea 4-9 mg 35-70 mg 30-60 mg
Oolong Tea 6-10 mg 50-75 mg 42-64 mg
Matcha green tea 8-10 mg 70 mg 60mg
Sencha green tea 3.5 mg 30 mg 25 mg
Gyukuro green tea 3-5 mg 26-40 mg 22-34 mg


caffeine green teaDrinking in Moderation

Looking at the information provided above, it is safe to say that green tea is the best drink to go for if you want to lower your caffeine intake. However, just because it has less caffeine doesn’t mean you can drink as much of it as you want every day.

Too much green tea can lead to side effects such as an upset stomach, heartburn,dizziness, nausea, irregular heartbeat, and more.

There has been quite a debate on how much green tea is too much with lots of people claiming that one can drink up to ten cups per day…

…While there may be some truth to that, the UMMC recommends up to TWO to TREE CUPS of green tea daily to adults.

This dosage is enough to provide you with 240 to 320 mg of polyphenol which is already an optimal amount.

According to University of Illinois researchers the SAFE CAFFEINE DOSE for one drink is 6mg/kg of body weight.

Pregnant women SHOULD LIMIT their daily intake of caffeine to 5mg/kg of body weight.

You could up your intake if you’re taking green tea for specific reasons like cancer prevention or weight loss, or you could decrease it if you have certain conditions or are trying to get pregnant.

The best way to find out how much green tea will be most beneficial to you, of course, is to consult with your doctor.