Green Rooibos Tea: Its Origin, Health Benefits and Delicious Flavour

rooibos tea -aspalathus linearis

By Badagnani [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Amidst all the enlightenment and often proven health benefits of green tea, there’s still a tremendous interest in exploiting other forms of traditional tea. Green rooibos tea is one very special beverage that has been raving.

Commercial trading of this special tea began in 1904, although much reference has been made to it since 1772. Apparently, trying to determine a suitable method for cultivation and germination of this plant took several years.

This tea is made from a legume plant of South African origin, Aspalathus linearis, same plant that the red rooibos tea is gotten from. It can be found in the Cederberg Mountain region and also around Citrusdal and Clanwilliam.

loose green rooibos tea

By Badagnani [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

However, the key distinguishing factor between them is their methods of processing. While red rooibos leaves undergo oxidation, the green rooibos leaves are prevented from undergoing oxidation through special processes, in order to make them more natural.

The Taste of Green Rooibos Tea

The taste of the green rooibos tea is amazing with a unique natural sweetness, characteristic grassy fruity taste and low tannin content, requiring little or no extra sweetener.

rooibos tea tasteThe rooibos green tea bag produces a rich color ranging from golden to orange, but lighter than the deep red color of the red rooibos , when immersed in water and is also non caffeinated.

Apart from its unique taste and appealing color, the health benefits of the green rooibos tea is perhaps, the reason why a lot of tea-lovers are making it a necessary part of their daily diet routine.

Health Benefits of Green Rooibos Tea

red and green rooibos tea

  • The Green Rooibos Tea has a high amount of antioxidants and is free of calories.
  • The rooibos tea contains iron, calcium, magnesium, iron, cooper and some other great minerals in trace quantities.
  • Its anti-oxidants as well as anti-inflammatory feature, helps reduce inflammation in body cells as well as protect them from damage.
  • It also contains a flavonoid, Quercetin, which is an antioxidant that is found in a lot of teas. Quercetin is used in the treatment of atherosclerosis , heart diseases, high cholesterol, peptic ulcer and prevention of cancer. These are just a few of the health benefits of this antioxidant.
  • An undeniable fact about green rooibos tea is that it is good for the heart. Chrysoeriol is another important flavonoid present in the rooibos tea that helps in the decreasing of blood pressure as well as improving blood circulation. It is also helpful in the lowering of cholesterol level in the body, thereby decreasing the likelihood of hypertension by properly regulating the adrenal gland secreted hormones.

Prevention and Cure of Diabetes

green tea for heart healthA healthy heart is beneficial to patients living with diabetes and the rooibos tea helps in the reduction of diabetes complications. It contains Aspalathin and Nothofagin that reduce inflammation as a result of atherosclerosis that hardens due to high glucose levels (Reference).

Rooibos tea is the only tea that contains the antioxidant Aspalathin that not only helps in preventing vascular inflammations, but also protects the heart from ischemia, a condition where blood ceases to flow into the heart. This condition is related to Diabetes Cardiomyopathy and is a serious and very common diabetes complication.

Prevention of Cancer

cancer preventionMany reports show that Quercetin helps in the treatment of cancer by preventing cell mutation that leads to a malignant tumor growth. It is also said that rooibos tea induces the production of antibodies that help the immune system prevent cancerous cells , allergic reactions and STIs like AIDS.

A research published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, stated that rooibos tea showed an ability to prevent or suppress the progression of diabetes and cancer. Another research in a University in Tokyo suggested that Aspalathin also has an anti-diabetic potential. A conclusion was made that the rooibos tea should be included in the diet plan of diabetic patients.

Other Health Benefits

green rooibos tea bagAs a result of much intake of processed food, certain digestive disorders are paramount, especially in the western part of the world.

  • A frequent intake of rooibos tea helps in maintaining a good digestive system and prevents diarrhea and tickling abdominal pains.
  • Another amazing benefit of this tea is that it helps in the buildup of strong bones. This is due to its rich mineral content of magnesium, calcium and fluoride as well as its ability to increase osteoblast activity of osteoblasts cells, which are known to make bones stronger and healthier.
  • Rooibos tea also contains oreotin and luteolin which are important flavonoids particular to the rooibos tea, and help increase bones’ mineral content.
  • This tea also helps in WEIGHT LOSS due to its flavonoids that trigger the burning of fat.
  • Alpha hydroxy acid found in rooibos tea helps to prevent wrinkling of the skin as well as protect hair follicles from damage. A lot of people who constantly brew the rooibos green teabags do so for its skin and hair benefits.

Possible Side-effects

Even though rooibos tea is known for its amazing health benefits that is derived from the presence of certain antioxidants, some negative effects have been reported.

  • A major problem is that it is not easy to come by unlike other varieties of tea, and so those seeking to constantly brew the rooibos green tea bags, might not find it readily available.
  • It is also said that certain compounds in the tea might trigger estrogen activity which might not be good for people with hormone-sensitive diseases.
  • Some studies have also linked consumption of this tea to a liver problem as it increases production of liver enzymes. However this hasn’t been concretely established.

However, this is only possible if this tea is consumed in extremely large quantities.

With almost no exception people who have tasted green rooibos tea recommended it over the red one. The best kind of it is definitely organic type of Numi Green Rooibos tea that comes in bags, which is very comfortable. It could be purchased on Amazon for a very reasonable price.

Numi Organic Green Rooibos Tea

numi organic green rooibos teaThe Numi Green Rooibos Tea has continued to get amazing kudos from people who have tasted it at one point or another.

Some say its delicious flavor have made them love the tea more, as most others were often not sweet. Others have applauded its herbal effects and non-caffeinated characteristic.
The fact remains that the Numi Organic Green Rooibos Tea is one of nature’s finest teas and should be tried by tea lovers who are willing to explore their options. It is very likely that one trial brewing experience of the rooibos green tea bag might lead to a permanent love and routine intake.

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