Green Tea and Weight Loss: Can Green Tea Help in Loosing Weight?

green tea & weight lossOne of the most important and in-demand feature of green tea is that it helps fighting the excessive weight. Many people believe that drinking green tea or adding its extract to food and beverages is the most effective way to slim down while others taking green tea supplements or pills swear it’s the best way to go.

There have been some dispute about what kind of green tea works best for weight loss. In order to understand that, let’s learn about unique features of green tea making it a natural aid for those who want to shed off several extra pounds.


What’s in Green Tea for Weight Loss?

how much green tea to drink for weight lossThere are many things in green tea that contribute to its ability to influence and encourage weight loss. One of these is caffeine. Caffeine works as a stimulant that helps the body in the fat burning process.

Several studies have also shown that it has the ability to produce better exercise performance results.

A cup of green tea can contain anywhere from 35 to 70 mg, depending on what kind of tea you’re drinking and how it is prepared. It’s way less caffeine compared to that found in coffee, but still enough to have an impact on loosing weight journey.

More than caffeine, though, the real star of the show is EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate which is a polyphenol that is abundantly present in green tea. It helps the body BURN MORE CALORIES and it also helps the body USE STORED FAT FOR ENERGY ===>

…..thus resulting in weight loss. This process is called thermogenesis.

When combined, caffeine and EGCG make a very powerful fat burner and weight loss helper. Not only do these two components help people slim, they also allow them to maintain their weight which is a sustainable way to keep one’s body healthy.


What Kind of Green Tea is Best for Weight Loss?

what kind of tea is best for weight lossAll green tea variations have both caffeine and EGCG, so all of them are able to aid weight loss, but some teas have more caffeine and EGCG content than the others, so picking the right kind of green tea could lead to more dramatic results.

There are, however, no concrete proofs that show which green tea has the most EGCG content since it will all depend on the quality of green tea you’re drinking and the way you prepare it.

From what most experts recommend, though, it looks like Gyokuro green tea is a great go-to drink for those who are after the EGCG goodness of green tea. As far as caffeine goes, Matcha green tea also appears to have high caffeine content.

Powdered green tea seems to be the most ideal way to consume green tea, too, if you’re after the EGCG content of the drink. With powdered tea, you’re getting a lot more of everything because you are consuming the whole leaf instead of just an infusion of it.


calories green teaDoes Green Tea Have Calories in it?

Green tea, whatever variant, is always best served plain. That means no sugar, cream, milk, or anything to give it sweetness or any other flavor.

This is because plain green tea has zero calories and adding milk, sugar, or anything else to it will just meaning adding calories which defeats that purpose of the drink being a weight loss aid.


Best Time to Drink Tea for Weight Loss

As far as timing goes, it is recommended that you drink green tea in between meals. This means you can either have it before or after eating.

If you drink it before and after exercises it helps your body burn almost 25% more calories than at rest.

You can also drink it in the morning instead of your usual cup of coffee, but try to avoid it at night since it contains caffeine and might make you have a hard time sleeping.


Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss

If you’re not into the taste of green tea, however, you can also opt for green tea supplements for weight loss. These have been shown to have the same benefits for loosing weight as regular green tea just without its taste. Green tea extract supplements come in various forms including liquid, capsule, tablet, and pill.