Jasmine Green Tea: Heavenly Taste and Aroma

jasmine teaJasmine green tea is one of the most popular scented variations of green tea and is largely popular in China than anywhere else in the world. It is mild in taste with a very subtle hint of floral tones in flavor and aroma that makes drinking it quite heavenly.

There are cheap ones that you can get in the market, but the really good kind comes with a hefty price tag and that is largely because of the laborious process by which it was made.

To make jasmine green tea, green tea leaves are harvested then the tea leaves are separated individually to separate the ones in the right size from those that are either too big or too small.

green tea with jasmineNext, the tea leaves are individually rolled into pearls by hand in a warm room to prep them for scenting. Jasmine flowers are then placed underneath the green tea pearls and replaced every now and then to achieve a light scent and a subtle flavor.

Once the scenting and flavoring process is done, the jasmine tea pearls are dried and packaged for selling and consumption.

Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea

Green tea with jasmine is not only a great drink when you need something to soothe and calm your nerves, it is a powerhouse of benefits for your health as well. Some of the benefits of drinking jasmine green tea include:

  1. Prevents cancer – thanks to the abundance of EGCG in jasmine green tea, the drink makes for quite a powerful anti-cancer elixir. Regular consumption of jasmine green tea may protect your body from cancer.
  2. Improves brain function – the caffeine in green tea, the tea used as base for jasmine green tea, is an excellent source of caffeine which can stimulate mental alertness and attention.
  3. Reduces stress and anxiety – drinking something warm like tea is always a good idea to calm yourself but did you know that the scent of jasmine can take your relaxation experience to another level? The scent of jasmine, research shows, has the same effect in calming your nerves as valium.
  4. Improves blood circulation – by encouraging better blood circulation, jasmine green tea also helps in preventing diseases caused by poor circulation such as thrombosis, high blood pressure, and stroke.
  5. Keeps you looking youthful – jasmine green tea contains a ton of antioxidants which can help fight free radicals from damaging your cells and speeding up the effects of aging.

jasmine green tea

Caffeine Content in Green Tea With Jasmine

Just like any other type of tea, jasmine green tea also contains caffeine so drinking too much of it could have adverse side effects.

The amount of caffeine in jasmine tea varies depending on the brand as well as the way the tea is prepared. On average, a cup of jasmine tea contains 15 mg to 25 mg of caffeine.

jasmine green teaThe Pricing for Jasmine Tea

Of course, the price for jasmine green tea will also vary on a number of factors including brand, quality, and where you get your tea from $3/oz to $10.20/oz for good quality loose leaf organic jasmine green tea pearls.

The price for organic jasmine green tea pearls could be a bit higher but it worth the price.