Rishi Matcha Organic Green Tea Powder Review

rishi organic matcha green tea powderLooking for natural energy boosting products? Rishi Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder may be the answer you are looking for.

If you’re green tea enthusiast or looking for the natural energy boost before hitting the studio, then Rishi Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is a great product for you. Unlike the instant tea extracts, Rishi matcha travel packs don’t have any added colorants, artificial sweeteners, or even fillers so be assured of enjoying a 100 percent pure green tea. It is very easy to prepare with hot or cold water and is ready to enjoy within seconds.

There are so many brands of green tea powder in the market today so choosing the right pack is not an easy task. Here I will be reviewing more about Rishi organic matcha green tea.

The Taste

I prepared a cup of tea, and the taste was astonishing. What I liked most about this matcha tea is that it prepares a nice healthy glass of iced tea in just a matter of seconds. It dissolves very quickly, so you won’t get late if you’re in a hurry. What makes it this organic matcha tea the best option is that it doesn’t need any artificial sweeteners but you can add honey if you prefer.

matcha green tea reviewWhen you start drinking this organic matcha green tea, you will realize there is a huge difference. Over the past years, I have been buying different brands of organic tea powder to make my cup of tea, but from the time I was introduced to Rishi organic matcha, this has been my favorite.

I have to say this is the best organic matcha tea with a very rich flavor I have tried so far. If you like Starbucks matcha green tea or latte this is even better, especially that you can make it at home.


  • Rishi organic matcha tea comes in little packets so be assured that it will stay fresh for a long time.
  • The best part is that it doesn’t leave any clumps of tea at the bottom of a bottle or a glass after it is whisked. This organic matcha tea powder is fine hence providing its smoothness and no that grittiness or grainy feel you tend to encounter with other brands of green tea.
  • Another impressive thing I liked more about this best organic matcha tea is that it is really convenient to carry it around without making any mess whenever you use it. My sister loves this stuff. She is a busy student and works 30 plus hours a week and being able to have matcha tea while at work or campus is impressive. When she has school, she would bring it with her and mix it in a water bottle, and there goes, she has some beautiful and delicious cold iced matcha tea.

organic matcha tea reviewProduct Ingredients

The surprising part is that the product is from the USA, but the tea is actually grown in Japan. It contains 100% organic matcha green tea powder without any fillers like soluble corn fibers, or any colorants and sweeteners.

Caffeine content

Every packet contains hardly a half of caffeine of a cup of coffee. It slowly releases in the blood stream over 4-6 hours while giving you energy boost and alertness without jitters.


  • Rishi organic matcha tea powder is very easy to prepare, it is really a time-saver. You can use it with cold or hot water as you wish, you can add it to latte, oatmeal, make a hot wisked matcha tea or an ice-cream. It doesn’t require any brewing in hot water, it dissolves quickly under any temperature.
  • For a simple cold energy drink you only need to pour the contents of one matcha travel pack into your 16.9 ounces bottle of water, shake vigorously and it’s ready to enjoy.

Also, you don’t even need to add sweetener to the drink or even the Frappuccino.

I really enjoy this matcha cold as it can get slightly bitter when you add hot water. It is excellent quality, I use it all the time and definitely recommend this organic matcha tea powder for those who want to add some green tea to their diet.


You can purchase Rishi Organic Matcha Tea Powder from iHerb for as low as $15.73 or $24.97 per ounce, but the cost may vary slightly from store to store.


I ordered organic matcha tea powder, a pack of 6 and I have to say the shipment was incredibly fast, which was very extraordinary. Besides, who doesn’t like fast delivery? For me, fast delivery is everything.

pros and cons of organic matcha green teaPros and Cons


  • Rishi organic matcha tea powder is natural and has excellent taste. It’s as delicious as Starbucks matcha green tea or even better.
  • It is so easy to prepare.
  • It dissolves very quickly in water of any temperature.
  • It doesn’t require to add any sweeteners.
  • It has tons of health benefits.
  • It’s a healthy alternative for coffee.
  • The product is very convenient that you can carry it around in your purse without making a mess.
  • Its excellent for travel, on the go use etc.
  • It has little packets for keeping its freshness.
  • Very fast delivery.


  • It is a bit pricey if you’re going to drink it every day.
  • Its taste becomes slightly bitter if you add hot water compared to cold water.

What others are saying about the organic matcha green tea

Most customers claimed that this stuff is the best organic matcha tea, and is very healthy and nutritious too. It contains L-theanine which provides calming effect. The organic matcha tea powder is excellent quality, and even though the price is a bit higher, the tea is really worth every penny.

Other buyers claimed that they drink matcha tea when they get up in the morning and again in the afternoon since it gives a great, natural energy boost without any headaches or crashes. Also, the organic matcha green tea is very convenient if you are always traveling or always in a hurry.

To purchase Rishi Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder on iHerb, click here.

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